One of the newest online poker tournaments available to players in certain poker rooms are double-up tournaments. The most common type of double-up poker tournament is played with 10 players and the top 5 players win. In this type of tournament you double your money up if you finish in the top 5 positions. In order to win a nice amount of money from double-up tournaments you need to be able to win a high percentage of them. I’m going to share some simple yet practical tips with you now that will assist you in winning these types of tournaments.

* The number one rule that you need to follow if you decide to play in double-up tournaments at your favorite is that you need to play tight poker the entire tournament. The only time you should open up your game is if you’re in last place and you need a double-up badly due to the blinds. Most of your opponents will also be playing tight poker which means most hands will be all-in type of hands before the flop even hits the board. A lot of the eliminations that you see will be because two monster hands went up against each other. If you lose on a cooler hand you can’t do anything about it and you just need to move forward as this will happen.

* When you have a big hand you need to always raise the pot because you don’t want anyone to be able to limp into the pot with you. If you don’t get any action that’s alright, because it’s much better to win the blinds then lose a big hand because you let the big blind have a free ride to the flop. By raising the pot with your big hands you’ll also be able to find out what type of table image you have. If nobody calls your raise then you should wait a few hands and try raising the same amount again with a marginal hand. In most cases you’ll be able to take down the blinds and add to your stack and worst case you can just fold to a re-raise.

* As you reach the bubble in the tournament and there are 6-7 players left, most of the action will begin to slow down. Everyone will want to wait it out so that they don’t end up getting knocked out on the bubble. During this time of the tournament you don’t want to do anything crazy if you’re in the top three positions. If you’re on the bubble in the tournament then you might want to try raising a few pots to see if you can take down the blinds. You can’t just sit there and do nothing generally when you’re on the bubble as that’s usually the person that ends up being eliminated.

* If you knock out a player early in the tournament with a good hand and you’re sitting with 3K chips you can basically sitout. You only need to take out one person in order to guarantee a spot in the top 5 although you will need to maintain your stack. If you’re lucky enough to have won an all-in then all you need to do the entire tournament is wait for a couple decent hands that you don’t mind going all-in with so that you can steal the blinds. Generally nobody will call your raise if you’re the leader in the tournament unless they have a really good hand. If somebody does re-raise all-in you’ll need to determine the pot odds and if the risk is worth the reward.

In order to win a double-up tournament all you need to do is play strategic poker and don’t do anything crazy. If you constantly bluff and raise pots then you probably won’t do well in these tournaments. You need to be patient, but at the same time you need to know when you’re in a good position to steal the blinds or take down a small pot.