Swami Beyondananda is considered as a writer, humorist, performer and cosmic comic alter who is very famous due to his various comedy shows. Well, his original name is Steve Bhaerman. He started his career as a teacher and then a funny thing was happened. The interesting name Swami Beyondananda has came into his mind and from that day he altered his name to Swami Beyondananda.  Some of his popular comedy topics are:

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sects

  • Teach Your Dog to Heal

  • Tantrum Yoga

  • Be There Now

In recent years, Swami Beyondananda has performed at numbers of political events such as the Transpartisan Alliance Citizens Summit, the Department of Peace Conference, the Network of Spiritual Progressives Conference, the Praxis Peace Institute Economics of Peace Conference and many more to mention. Swami Beyondananda is probably the one and only comic Swami who channels both Bullwinkle and Elvis. It offers serious comedy that you bound to laugh. You can know the creative works of Swami when you look all his books such as:

  • Driving Your Own Karma

  • When You See a Sacred Cow Milk It for All It’s Worth

  • Duck Soup for the Soul

  • Swami for Precedent

  • Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfunction

You must have watched some of the greatest comedy shows of Swami Beyondananda before. He had already hosted some big hit comedy shows for those people who love to laugh. If you are yet to watch one of his comedy shows then, it’s time to move online and download the videos. Well, if you are looking to watch some of his latest comedy shows, then you can purchase tickets online in advance. For fun loving people comedy shows of Swami Beyondananda is must to watch. Whether you are going with your friends or family you will definitely have sheer fun at Swami Beyondananda’s comedy shows. In current years, Swami has done at many political events, which includes the Transpartisan Alliance Summit, Network of the Spiritual Progressives Conference, Department of the Peace Conference, Praxis Peace Institute of the Peace Conference, just to name some of them.

Swami’s new venture is combining the non religion of the Fundamentalism with non politics of newly made Right to Laugh Party (“big party … everybody is invited”), to make big evolutionary wising to overgrow present dysfunctional system. Swami will as well be launching the radio feature, called as Karma Talk this coming year – in order to give people from all across the world to ask Swami some answerable questions, as well as get the questionable answers.  Swami, the self styled “political guru” that is probably an only comic Swami that channels both Bullwinkle and Elvis, give the insightful and the hilarious comedy, assured to leave ‘laughing till sacred cows come home. The list of the Swami’s creative works may give you the indication of where he is actually coming from.

Almost every single online poker room has some kind of bonus program which they use to attract new players to there poker room so that they have higher traffic. Of course some poker rooms like Full Tilt offer higher bonuses then other poker rooms like www.PokerStars.net, so you’ll need to do some research in order to first find your bonus. You should never join the first poker room you find because it might not be the best poker room. There are quite a few online poker rooms out there which are great for playing poker at so the main factor should be the bonus program. Read reviews of online poker rooms and find a room with a good review and a high sign-up bonus.

Once you’ve found the poker room you want to play in, you’ll need to register your account here. Make sure you use the bonus code when you sign-up for your account so that you’re eligible for you first deposit bonus. If you don’t use the bonus code when you sign-up then you might not have another chance to do so in some poker rooms so make sure you don’t forget this step.

After you’ve registered for your account and inserted your poker bonus code you’ll need to make your first deposit using whichever deposit method you’d like that the poker room supports. Usually you need to make a minimum deposit for the bonus so make sure you’ve deposited at least the minimum, although you should try depositing whichever amount will get you the full bonus. The sign-up bonus only occurs on your first deposit so it’s worth it to make your first deposit the full bonus amount.

There are always terms and conditions to the bonus that you’ll need to read on the website so you know what you need to do in order to clear the bonus. Typically you’ll need to earn a fixed amount of player points to release the bonus and some of the poker rooms will release the bonus in increments. Either way they’ll tell you what increments they issue the bonus and how many player points you need to receive the bonus. Once you learn how many player points you need you can start playing in the poker room to earn the points.

Both tournament and table players are able to clear the bonus, but it will take a lot longer to clear the bonus by playing tournaments at TitanPoker.com and other sites. The quickest and most effective way to clear your bonus is by playing at a table game with stakes you’re comfortable with. Too many poker players try to play at stakes much higher then there used to in order to clear there bonus faster, but the problem a lot of players run into is that they deplete there bankroll. When you try playing higher limits to clear your bonus faster you risk losing your bankroll before you clear the bonus which would be terrible. Play the stakes you’re comfortable with and the bonus will clear just as fast and you shouldn’t be down much if any.

Once you receive enough player points the money will be released into your poker account and you’ll be able to do whatever you want with the money. You can either bet it in the poker room or withdraw it, it’s totally up to you once you’ve cleared the bonus.

Laughter is considered as the best remedy for everyone to keep their mind and body healthy. Study has always proven that is can offer physiological benefits. It is also recommended as the best exercise to increase the mental ability and physical power as well.  There are numbers of the advantages available through laughter. So, you need to consider it to get practice in your day to day life such as:

  • Improves immune function

  • Hearty laughter is good to keep the heart healthy

  • Increasing the blood flow in the body

  • Mental flexibility

  • Emotional release

  • Spiritual perspective

  • Best way for tension relief

Laughter has also managed to receive the approval as the best medicine from the Native American to get relief from stress due to busy professional life. In this regard, there are numbers of comedy clubs designed in this region to offer some happiest movement to the busy people suffering from mental pressure. In these stress filled times weightiness appears to pile on. And Swami Beyondananda, whose yoga pose is the tongue in cheek, can help you to lose weightiness by heart opening laughter. It is the scientific fact: and Levity is a best method to overcome the gravity. You will leave brighter and lighter – or Swami can double the karma back!” Like the cross between Bette Midler and Tracey Ullman, evening with Tudury is a part comedy show, and part sensitive songwriter and singer concert and part cabaret act.

Due to these reasons, Swami Beyondananda has dedicated his life to keep people smiling by his amazing Comedy shows and jokes. As per his point of view, life is a joke…. one which God use to laugh with humans, if God love to laugh then why not we the human. Swami Beyondananda is well known in the national and international level due to his amazing comedy as well as jokes. Swami or Steve is the partner and the leader in transpartisan shift movement and he is also a good comic as well as very good author, thinker as well as engaged citizen.

Offering the tricks to laugh:

He has also offered the world the right techniques of laughter. He can use his cosmic comedy techniques to offer more enjoyment to the people. He has performed on various well known stages of the world as well as gained more popularity for his unique style and comedy. He is also famous as the political guru for his unique representation style and performance.

In this regard, his fans have mentioned him as the only guru on the earth who can act as the way for both Elvis and Bullwinkle. Swami Beyondananda and his comedy show are offering the guarantee that everyone will leave his show by keeping a big fat smile on the face and it will remain till they reach home.  Due to these reasons, most of the people have suggested Swami Beyondananda as laughter therapist.

Swami Beyondananda and his comedy shows are admired across the globe.  He is popular for his disguised yet full of wisdom comedy shows. Few people have even mentioned that Swami Beyondananda can disguise wisdom in the form of comedy. Swami Beyondananda is also considered as a political guru who uses to have his own style for representing things. Possibly, he is the only swami on this earth who can channel both the Elvis as well as Bullwinkle. He can deliver insightful as well as hilarious comedy shows. His comedy shows are often based on the guarantee that people will leave the hall while laughing and this will remain on their face till they reach home. This does not need to happen and Swami Beyondananda, Cosmic Comic and whose favorite yoga posture is tongue in cheek, can help you to lose weightiness by heart opening laughter. It is the scientific fact: that Levity is a best method to overcome the gravity. You will leave brighter and lighter – or Swami may double your karma!”

In order to get more ideas about Swami Beyondananda and his comedy shows, you should go through a list of his creative works. This will offer you an insight about swami and from where he came. Some of the books written by Swami Beyondananda are:

  • Driving Your Own Karma

  • When You See a Sacred Cow Milk It for All It’s Worth

  • Duck Soup for the Soul

  • Swami for Precedent: A 7-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfunction

Apart from a cosmic comic, Swami Beyondananda is also considered as a great humorist, writer as well as performer. The yoga pose Swami Beyondananda love to perform often is known as the tounge-in-cheek and this was mentioned by the spokesperson of FUNdamentalism. There was a casting for the comic mascot. This work was supposed to be accomplished by swami and his cohort. The mascot was to be prepared for their holistic publication. It was the time when Swami Beyondananda name has popped up. Well, Swami Beyondananda was also a popular face in Pathways, as he managed to held forth topics like

  • Be There Now, Swami’s ultimate take on bi-location

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sects

  • Tantrum Yoga

  • Teach Your Dog to Heal

As Swami, has written 4 books, which includes Swami for the Precedent: 7Step Plan to Heal Body Politic & Cure Electile Dysfunction. In “past life” (earlier Swami), he began the alternative high school at Washington, D.C., and taught history to the autoworkers in Wayne State University, as well as co-founded the Pathways Magazine at Ann Arbor, Michigan. In course of around 25 years of purveying the cosmic comedy as well as healing laughter, Swami (or Steve Bhaerman) had the successful and long running monthly column, called as Ask Swami, and has written 4 books, and made half a dozen of comedy cassettes and CDs.

A multi-millionaire thanks to his skilful poker playing, Men Nyugen, also referred to as ‘The Master’ in poker circles, is a dedicated poker star that has more than 350 cash game wins to this credit that contributed significantly to his sizeable bankroll of $8,644,929 only from poker games alone!

He lives in Bell Gardens, CA in the United States. Men moved here from Vietnam in 1978. He and his family were referred to as ‘boat people’ – refugees like 80+ others with them that braved the perils of the ocean for 5 days, eating only rice and limited freshwater till they reached a camp in Pulau Besar (located in the South Pacific) where they lived for six month. It was only after this ordeal that Men and his family was relocated to Los Angeles, after receiving political asylum.

He has seen a lot of struggle and strife in his youth and knew the burden of family responsibilities at a tender age. Men was only 13 (he was born in 1954) when he had to leave school to take up a bus driver’s job for supporting his family. This survivor’s streak emerged in him many times over to lead him to becoming the respected poker professional he is today with 7 WSOP bracelets underlining his star status!

He has 59 first place finishes at the age of 56.

His incredible card skills were something Men picked up to bring in some additional funding for the family and even today, he generously gives of his tournament winnings to other families in need, including several charities in the US as well as his homeland, Vietnam.

He is also ever ready to guide FullTiltPoker.net beginners understand the nuances of the game and not intimidated by newcomers to the game he openly declares is responsible for helping him make a new life for himself and his family in the US, where they’d landed as refugees with little hope of anything more than survival, fleeing as they had been from a cruel communist regime and little signs of improvement way back in 1978.

His earliest memories of living in the US were of working as a machinist on a paltry salary of $10 per day and looking for ways to supplement this wage. By 1985, Men participated in a Las Vegas junket playing Stud poker games $15-$30 that he lost initially; however, his interest in gambling was sparked. This signaled a change in his life and within a week, Men returned to the same place to win several games in a row!

He entered his first major poker tournament in 1987; by then, Men had picked up considerable skills playing street poker and learned to compose his features as well as his body for hiding poker tells or getting excited during competitive matches.

He had also learned how to analyze the game and which specific hands he could play better, so he began winning more pots and his first tournament win brought him $23,000, a princely sum in those days!

Men’s next win came courtesy a No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event hosted at FullTilt. This fetched him $44,000, and the respect of thousands of poker fans because Men beat WSOP legend Johnny Chan!

He put his winnings into a dry-cleaning business and also set up a furniture store, which his family ran for a few years before the businesses never made as much money as gambling did, apparently!

Thereafter, Men Nguyen concentrated full-time on poker as a career and went on to win 6 gold bracelets in the World Series of Poker! Ever since, he has won more than $4 million as prize money, less the earnings from his cash games and income from mixed games played during the Legend of Poker series. It is no wonder that Card Player Magazine rated him Player of the Year for 4 years: in 1997, 2001, again in 2003 and finally in 2005!

Texas Holdem is by far the most popular poker game in the world today and is played by millions of people every single day in casinos and online poker rooms such as UB.com. Everyday there are new players joining the game and therefore you’re even if you’re new you’re not going to be alone. When you first start playing Holdem you’ll most likely play on the low limit tables where you’ll be playing against a lot of other beginner players.

Since you’ll be playing against beginner players you’ll have the chance to make money off of their mistakes. You will need to know how to spot your opponents weaknesses, but we’re going to look at that right now. Most beginner poker players will either try being the aggressor on the table or the tightest player on the table depending on the person. Some new players don’t mind gambling and therefore play a lot more questionable hands whereas tighter players will sit and wait for their hands.

Both of the above playing styles are fine as long as you know what you’re doing. Personally if you’re a beginner player you should try leaning towards the tight playing style. When you start getting mixed up in all sorts of hands it can not only cost you a lot of money, but you’ll also be developing bad habits which are hard to break. As a beginner you should try and identify the players that are playing aggressive. One thing that aggressive players don’t like is when you raise or re-raise them in a pot. A lot of the time they’ll fold because they have nothing although they may call you just to find out how you react. If you do get called by an aggressive player after raising them you need to fire a follow up bet on the flop even if you don’t hit.

Texas Holdem isn’t always about the cards you’re holding, you also need to play your opponents. If you’re paying attention to your poker game you should have an idea of how certain players will act before they even move. Once you start picking up on your opponent’s game you’ll be able to use the information to exploit them. Playing against tight players is really simple. When they’re in the hand they most likely have a pocket pair or high suited cards. If you’re in the hand and the flop is all low/middle cards you can most likely take the pot away from your opponent with a bet. Most tight players don’t mind folding small pots since their goal is to win 1-2 big pots throughout their session.

One beginner mistake that you want to avoid is over betting your hands as a beginner. If the pot is $20 and you come out firing a $50 bet then nobody is going to call you unless they have a really huge hand. When you hit hands you need to bet for value to draw the most amount of money out of them. You need to think to yourself about how much you would call in the pot given the current circumstances. Of course will flush and straight draws on the board you need to bet a bit more to try and scare off the draws, but remember not to go crazy.

One of the most common ways to build your bankroll if you’re a new poker player is through earning www.playsolidpoker.com from the many different poker rooms. This type of strategy for building your bankroll is often referred to as “Bonus Whoring” and is frowned upon by online poker rooms. The reason why poker rooms give their players sign-up bonuses is because they want them to remain loyal to their room. The last thing that the poker room wants is you to earn your bonus and withdraw your money from the poker room.

Thousands of players earn their bankrolls from doing this, but it has become a bit more difficult over the years. Nowadays poker rooms have put in some safety measures which ensures you need to earn your bonus from the room before you’ll be credited with it. In order to earn the poker bonuses from the various poker rooms you’re going to need to play poker in the room. Most poker rooms have a points system where you’ll earn player points for playing in the poker room. Once you earn a pre-determined amount of point’s part of your bonus will be released and this continues until you’ve earned your entire bonus. For a list of online poker rooms and the latest bonus offers, go to it.poker30.net/partypoker/

The first thing that you need to look for when signing up for a poker room is the sign-up rules. It’s important that you find out how many player points you need to earn in order to receive the bonus. You should also find out if there is going to be a deadline on how long you have to earn it. This isn’t that big of a problem though because most poker rooms will give you 90-180 days to earn your bonus. If the amount of player points that you need to earn is reasonable for the amount of bonus money you’ll receive then you can sign-up for the poker room.

If you want to earn the sign-up bonus as quickly as possible so you can move onto the next poker room you should learn how to multi-table. The best way to earn bonuses is by multi-tabling the low limit cash game tables. As long as you break even while playing you’re still going to walk away with the profit of your sign-up bonus which can range from $100-$1000+ depending on the poker room and the size of your deposit. On the low limit tables most of the players will have really small stacks and breaking even isn’t that hard since you can easily steal pots with some bigger sized bets. Alternatively you could sit and play tight on a bunch of tables and only play the best hands you get dealt. This is the safer route since you should win a large percentage of the hands and you’ll earn points fast since you’re playing on so many tables.

You can easily earn a few grand from online poker bonuses in a short amount of time if you’re smart about how you do things. If you try making too much money while earning your points by playing higher limit games you risk going broke and therefore not earning the full amount of your bonus. it.poker30.net

One of the newest online poker tournaments available to players in certain poker rooms are double-up tournaments. The most common type of double-up poker tournament is played with 10 players and the top 5 players win. In this type of tournament you double your money up if you finish in the top 5 positions. In order to win a nice amount of money from double-up tournaments you need to be able to win a high percentage of them. I’m going to share some simple yet practical tips with you now that will assist you in winning these types of tournaments.

* The number one rule that you need to follow if you decide to play in double-up tournaments at your favorite poker30.net is that you need to play tight poker the entire tournament. The only time you should open up your game is if you’re in last place and you need a double-up badly due to the blinds. Most of your opponents will also be playing tight poker which means most hands will be all-in type of hands before the flop even hits the board. A lot of the eliminations that you see will be because two monster hands went up against each other. If you lose on a cooler hand you can’t do anything about it and you just need to move forward as this will happen.

* When you have a big hand you need to always raise the pot because you don’t want anyone to be able to limp into the pot with you. If you don’t get any action that’s alright, because it’s much better to win the blinds then lose a big hand because you let the big blind have a free ride to the flop. By raising the pot with your big hands you’ll also be able to find out what type of table image you have. If nobody calls your raise then you should wait a few hands and try raising the same amount again with a marginal hand. In most cases you’ll be able to take down the blinds and add to your stack and worst case you can just fold to a re-raise.

* As you reach the bubble in the tournament and there are 6-7 players left, most of the action will begin to slow down. Everyone will want to wait it out so that they don’t end up getting knocked out on the bubble. During this time of the tournament you don’t want to do anything crazy if you’re in the top three positions. If you’re on the bubble in the tournament then you might want to try raising a few pots to see if you can take down the blinds. You can’t just sit there and do nothing generally when you’re on the bubble as that’s usually the person that ends up being eliminated.

* If you knock out a player early in the tournament with a good hand and you’re sitting with 3K chips you can basically sitout. You only need to take out one person in order to guarantee a spot in the top 5 although you will need to maintain your stack. If you’re lucky enough to have won an all-in then all you need to do the entire tournament is wait for a couple decent hands that you don’t mind going all-in with so that you can steal the blinds. Generally nobody will call your raise if you’re the leader in the tournament unless they have a really good hand. If somebody does re-raise all-in you’ll need to determine the pot odds and if the risk is worth the reward.

In order to win a double-up tournament all you need to do is play strategic poker and don’t do anything crazy. If you constantly bluff and raise pots then you probably won’t do well in these tournaments. You need to be patient, but at the same time you need to know when you’re in a good position to steal the blinds or take down a small pot.

When you first start playing poker you should always start out at the low limit tables. It doesn’t matter if you play cash games or tournaments, you should always start on one of the lowest staked games. The unique thing about playing online poker is that you can find cash games starting at $.01/$.02 and going all the way up to $100/$200+. You will also find that poker tournaments have a wide variety of stakes starting with tournaments priced at roughly $1. You don’t need to start on the lowest limit poker tables, but you shouldn’t exceed the $1/$2 limits in cash games and $5-$10 tournaments.

Once you find a low limit game that you’re comfortable with playing on FullTilt, you should stick with it until you’ve accumulated a good amount of data on your stats. If you want to become a better poker player then you need to constantly analyze your stats to find your weaknesses and strengths. When you’re actually playing the game you’re constantly thinking about a hundred different things and often a lot of stuff won’t sink in right away. If you spend the time to look over your stats and hand histories you’ll be able to improve upon your game at a much better rate. The best poker players in the world spend hours every day going over hand data and that’s what makes them the best.

After you’ve played thousands of hands, you’ll have a good idea about how well you’ve been doing and whether or not you’re ready to move up. The players that win a couple thousand bucks and start moving up the limits instantly are the ones that end up broke and back at the $1/$2 games. The last thing that you want to do is go broke and stuck rebuilding your bankroll because you moved up limits to fast. It’s a lot better if you end up moving up limits slower then you’re supposed too.

When you feel that you’re ready to move up limits the most important thing to look at is how profitable you’ve been on a regular basis. If you’ve played for six months at a certain limit and you’ve only posted profits for two of those months then you’re probably not ready to move up limits. Even if you’ve won $5K from the two months of profit you’ll end up losing it if you move up limits. You need to be posting profits on a month to month basis before you move up limits. Once you move up in the poker tournament limits you should make sure that you’re still posting the same stats as you were at the lower limit games. A lot of the time players move up limits and start doing a lot worse. If you compare your stats and notice that you’re doing significantly worse then you should just move back down limits until you’re ready to try moving up again.

The most important thing that you need to remember when moving up limits is that you really need to be hungry for moving up to the next level. If you’re second guessing yourself or scared about losing your bankroll then you’re not going to be playing your best poker and it will usually result in losing money rather then winning money.